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Shibuya Yuri's sexual orientation is inconclusive

In most Kyou Kara Maou! fanfics that I've read (which have mainly been Yuri/Wolfram), Yuri is either heterosexual or bisexual; yet, there is no concrete evidence in the anime that points to either. The same applies for him being homosexual, actually.

Yuri has complained a few times throughout the series about never having been on a date with a girl and has said that, if he marries anyone, it will be a girl, but this isn't enough proof. In most cultures in the world, it's expected that a male would date a female at least once. It's also expected that, if a male gets married, it will be to a female. In Japan, there is also strong pressure for everyone to follow the status quo. This is a good indication that he just wants to fit in with everyone else his age.

He doesn't spend time daydreaming about girls or chasing girls like his classmate, Murata Ken. He's also never shy or embarrassed while in the company of a pretty female unless said female has said or done something to make him feel embarrassed. On notable example is Cheri's tendency to smother him in her boobs when giving him a hug, but it's next to impossible to avoid this since they're so big. He treats pretty females like he treats everyone else. In other words, his behavior, when taken as a whole, doesn't support the conclusion: "Shibuya Yuri is straight."

When he first met Wolfram, he called him a bishounen, which means "beautiful boy" in English, but, in all honesty, he was just stating a fact. A few moments prior, he'd called Cheri a "sexy queen."

He never broke off his accidental engagement to Wolfram. He's the king of Shin Makouku, he doesn't have to answer to anyone but himself, which means that breaking it off would have been an easy thing to do. Yet, he doesn't really treat Wolfram like his fiancé and is embarrassed when Wolfram brings up their engagement. It's probable that he never broke it off because he didn't want to upset Wolfram, either for Wolfram's sake or for his own (since Wolfram has anger management issues and can wield fire magic).

When Yuri is at Blood Pledge Castle, he and Wolfram sleep in the same bed. Yuri protested against Wolfram sleeping with him several times, but eventually gave up. Again, this protestation could have been automatic. Later, his complaints likely stemmed from the fact that Wolfram tends to steal all the covers and take up almost all the space in the bed.

After Yuri adopted Greta, his would-be child assassin, Wolfram immediately took on the role of her other parent. When Yuri is back on Earth, Wolfram looks after her and Yuri is grateful for it. He's actually more of a father figure to her than Yuri; she calls him "Chichiue Wolfram" (Father Wolfram) while Yuri is just "Yuri." He only protested Wolfram's claim once, maybe twice. Several times you see the three of them sleeping in Yuri's bed together with Greta in the middle. In season 3, there is even more "family" interaction between the three of them. One notable scene is when they bought Greta a pet mini-bearbee and she named him "Yuram" (Yuri+Wolfram). They looked at each other and exclaimed that their daughter was soooo adorable.

I tend to agree with Chayron and Jinjyaa. Yuri would choose Wolfram because he's Wolfram, not because he's a beautiful male. He doesn't show romantic interest in anyone, male or female. In Chayron's KKM series, Yuri is heterosexual and Wolfram is the exception to his heterosexuality while I believe he's "Wolfram-sexual" in Jinjyaa's series.

The KKM manga artist, Matsumoto Temari, has also drawn art for several shounen ai manga, if that makes any difference.

Edit (03/08/11): I recently rewatched season #3 and it hurts my argument a little. It tips the scale in the "bisexual" direction. His interactions with Saralegui, and several of his interactions with Wolfram, are responsible for that. The KKM OVA tips it in the "heterosexual" direction, primarily because of the forbidden magical device episode in which they each dream about what they fear the most (which is supposedly what the other one wants). Wolfram dreamed that Yuri had a female harem while Yuri dreamed that he and Wolfram were married.
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My very first website flame

I'm a little excited about receiving my very first negative e-mail about any of my websites. My fanfiction has been flamed before, but not my website. It was the Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library, which is a Dragon Ball/Z/GT fanfiction archive. It's been around in one form or another since 2001. There was a story submitted to the archive for reviewing a while ago that I sent a rejection e-mail to the author about with a suggestion that he/she reread the submission rules. I didn't receive a response. When I was reviewing a recent round of submissions, I decided to send another notice before deleting the submission from the queue. The reply to said notice was interesting.

Its cool. Your rules are too complicated anyways. I actually adjusted to your rules but well you're kinda a bicth so please delete my account because your fanfiction site is a very good waste of my time.
My reply was this:
Well, I've actually never been called that before. I wish you good luck with all of your writing.
The standard rejection that is sent out to authors is:
I'm sorry, {storytitle}: {chaptertitle} wasn't approved on The Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library. Please review the rules and correct your errors by going to Account Info -> Manage Stories. E-mail me when you've fixed them (and don't forget to tell me who you are and which story/chapter you corrected). I'll keep your fanfic in the queue for a week before deleting it.

- Goku Girl

Everything between curly brackets is automatically customized by the script. Sometimes I personalize the message if the errors are minor and can be cleared up very easily. (Recently, I had several authors leave out the disclaimer in their stories. Having one wasn't an official submission rule until recently because people rarely left it out.) I rechecked the submission to make sure that I was deleting the correct story and author and it looked like nothing had been changed. If it is true that he/she adjusted to my rules, I never received an e-mail about it, which is something I ask for in all of my rejection notices.

The submission rules are located here. I don't think there is anything particularly unreasonable or complicated about them.

I'm considering erecting a "Hall of Flames," which would be tacky. I also don't receive enough flames to keep the page fresh.

While constructing my reply to the author, I felt as if I was channeling Jenny from The L Word. Specifically around the time when the journalist from Curve magazine wrote a bad review of her book. I still feel a little like that, actually.

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A musing about video games

I started replaying the first Final Fantasy last week, the one that was redone for PlayStation and included in the collection "Final Fantasy Origins." I can tell that the music has been remastered. They also added cut scenes and in-game extras like a bestiary and an item collection list. But even if these things had not been enhanced/added, I think I would still be addicted to it. It's a good game and I can easily see how it launched an entire franchise (or, to reference an oft-used quote, "launched a thousand sequels"). Sometimes games are just good even though they have low-bit graphics and music. Even if they have no graphics or music at all.

If you strip away all of the modern 3D graphics, how many of those games would still be worth playing? You can extend this notion to American movies. If you strip away all of the special effects, how many of those movies would still be worth watching?

I think all games and movies should, first, start with a solid story. Without that, what reason do people have for remembering it after it's over?
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A Reason for Writing

"I'm not going to continue writing if no one is reading this."
& "Feedback makes me write faster."
& "I'm not going to post any more chapters until I get reviews."
all =
"I desperately seek approval from others."
& "I'm writing this story to get people to like me."
& "I'm going to hold my story hostage until I get enough pats on the head."

Personally, I don't want reviews for my story. I don't want to deal with whining or complaints.
I write because I like to, not because I'm seeking attention from others.
I am so tired of authors begging for reviews. It makes them look pathetic.
Sakuma Ryuichi


I like to write fanfiction and original stories but I'm not good at finishing them. I don't quite remember when I last finished a story, but I do know that it was a Dragon Ball fanfic and that it was either Indescribable Need or Passport to Paradise. I don't like not finishing stories but it happens all the time. Fortunately, no one ever sees a story unless I'm finished with it. I spend more time reading other people's stories and starting new ones just because I have an interesting idea in my head. Once I've easily explored the limits of the idea, I can't think of anything else and I eventually forget about it. Often, this results in only one full chapter, but I have a few fanfics that I'm actually about half finished with. I'm 95% of the way finished with Age of the Empire #3: The Phoenix Process and it only took me 7 years! (no, I'm not joking) I actually started yet another one a few days ago and I'm not quite tired of it yet.

I tried NaNoWriMo starting in 2008 and was only able to write about 17,000 words. NaNoWriMo in 2009 was even worse even though I had a lot less schoolwork than the November before. I hated the idea I came up with and, after starting over about twice, I gave up. I hadn't even written 2500 words (which is a typical novel-length chapter). I've gone over my 2008 NaNo entry a few times since with the intention of actually finishing it, but I haven't written much more. I've all but abandoned the idea of writing a novel, actually. I have a difficult time coming up with subplots and those are necessary for a good novel. I've resigned myself to writing novellas, which are considered lesser than novels amongst those whose native language is English since they never really caught on. I really should focus on short stories but I hate reading short stories because they end too quickly.

Every time I read a good story I immediately wish that I had that person's talent. I just read a really long fantasy one on that was written over the course of two WriMos through March of the following year. It's over 160,000 words. She even reached the WriMo word counts early even though she had a job. Even more amazing, it's actually complete (79 chapters). I also think she's been published a few times which means her talent is recognized. What may help is that she sets monthly word count goals for herself which are usually 30,000 (NaNoWriMo in November was the exception).

I'm thinking about borrowing some writing books from the library because I'm getting desperate. I want to finish a story but I think I'm too used to abandoning them. I looked up Writing the Natural Way by Gabriele Rico on Amazon to see if it was any good and it has a lot of praise, but the copy the university library has was published in 1983, which makes it older than I am. Even the computer books are newer than that (but not by much). There was another published in 2000 so I plan to borrow the one in the library before buying the newer one. The newest book on writing they have that looked interesting was also published in 2000. If it's not about business, health care, education, or social work, any book you find in the UM-Flint library is probably at least six years old. /begin sarcasm/ Unless it's just being stored there by the main campus because their libraries are sooo full. /end sarcasm/ I would try the public library but the school library is a lot more convenient.

I think I'm going to post one of my stories serially. I haven't done that in a long time because I have a habit of going back to completed chapters and changing things. I have a Dragon Ball fanfic that I think may work if I posted chapters as I finished them. I started it in 2005 and recently rediscovered it. There are five chapters finished so far. However, I have no idea where I'm going with it. I don't like to outline a story because it becomes boring when I know what's going to happen next. Now I have to decide if it will be R or NC-17. That limits where I can post, but I could remove the sex scenes since they probably won't be crucial to the plot. I don't understand how sex scenes can be crucial to a story with a plot unless something happens during one that's necessary for plot development.
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College is brutal

Once again, I'm questioning the mental state I was in when I chose to become a computer science major and it's all because of math. I hate math. I loathe it with a passion usually reserved for the willfully ignorant and/or the annoying. In my opinion, I really suck at it. When I read somewhere that computer science was considered applied mathematics, I felt horrified. I contemplated getting an engineering degree after completing the computer science one, but that would force me to take Calculus III, which might drive me literally insane. My math class this semester is at 9:30am. I'm rarely conscious that early in the morning (an 11am class is pushing it), so I go about three times per month (more if there's a test). The only grades you earn in the class are from tests so this allowed me to get behind in the homework. There is a test on Friday but I spent the first two weeks of February not doing homework because I couldn't manage until last week to get the sheet with the list of problems I was supposed to do. It only recently occurred to me that I could have done random problems from each applicable section since what each test covers is in the syllabus, which I have. For the past week, I've been trying to learn a month's worth of Calculus. I still have two topics left.

While being unusually focused on Calc, I managed to forget to take a midterm. Seriously. It was yesterday. The class is only one day per week at 6pm. Tuesdays have become the embodiment of evil for me this semester so I rarely make it to campus even though I have three classes on that day. I found out about the midterm when the professor sent out an e-mail to tell everyone that the grades had been posted. I immediately e-mailed him and asked if there was any way I could still take it. I figured getting a zero would ensure I wouldn't earn anything higher than a "C" so I was going to drop the class on Friday if he said no. He's going to let me take it tomorrow. Since I'm behind in my reading, I considered asking if I could take it on Friday, but that would be pushing my luck. I'm now reading a lot of information about computer architecture in a short span of time and hoping that at least some of it sticks somewhere in my brain. I've completed the homework assignments so I'm better off than I first thought I was. Fortunately, this class builds on a previous one so some of the answers will be the same as last semester. I've, unfortunately, gotten used to reminders from professors about what I'm supposed to be doing so I don't check the syllabus as often as I should. In the undergrad classes I've taken with him, he sends e-mails about tests beforehand and puts together review slides. Apparently, you're on your own in a grad class.

I am so tired right now I feel like passing out, but I still have more reading to do.

I have no one to blame but myself. :( I've never felt more like a college student than I do at this moment.
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My new laptop

As much as I like my new laptop with the dual-core processor, the HD LCD screen that's actually 16:9 widescreen ratio, and the light weight, I don't like all the problems I've been having with it. I bought it on November 26th (yes, Black Friday) and have had to reinstall Windows 7 four times because of issues (usually boot-related). I've used the system recovery discs twice on the advice of Toshiba support techs, which leaves me with 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium when I want 64-bit Windows 7 Pro. I haven't overwritten the most recent system recovery with the Windows 7 Pro I downloaded from the MSDNAA. I wanted to see if I received the same errors with the default OS as I did with the preferred one. It took a few days but the atapi hard drive errors are back.

So, I believe it's the hard drive that's having issues and not the OS. I can't manage to get a support tech to authorize a repair, though. This is much different from Gateway tech support who would send a prepaid box to you after only one chat session or phone call. I've made four phone calls, though only three were about boot/hard drive issues. The only major thing to happen to my Gateway laptop was the death of the LCD backlight in the first year. I've had it for four years and everything works except for the DVD burner that never worked right in the first place (TSST Corp (Toshiba-Samsung Technology) drives are notoriously bad, just Google it).

I'm using my old laptop and regretting spending the money for a new one when the only thing wrong with the old one was lack of memory (system and video). Oh, and the fact that it weighs 12 pounds. I have so many backup copies of my files that I have no idea which are the most recent. I also know that some of the files I deleted from the Toshiba are back because they still existed on the external hard drive or on the Gateway. I also have duplicates because I renamed some things.

I tried installing Windows XP Pro 64-bit on the Toshiba but I can't even make it to the install options. If you run the disc from Windows it grays out the install option and if you boot from the disc, you get a BSOD. I could always install a Linux flavor, I guess. I favor Ubuntu for some reason. The problem with Linux is the lack of support from the general computer industry. It's beyond nerdy to build (compile) software to run on your OS. You can't go mainstream with it if you have to be a computer nerd to use it effectively.
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(no subject)

I received an e-mail a few days ago from the woman in charge of the Georgia Tech FOCUS program. It was meant to give us more information about what to do once we arrived in Atlanta. She mentioned that Atlanta was having unusually cold weather and that we should be prepared for that. The temperature? A high of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and a low in the 30s. That's Spring in Michigan. It's 19 degrees outside right now and about five inches of snow. Even during the day the high is about 20-30 degrees. Tomorrow, the high is supposed to be 19 degrees and the low is 7 degrees. 50 degrees will probably feel warm to me. I think I'll have my mother take my coat back home. Wearing wool to Atlanta is really unnecessary. It's not as bad as going from Michigan in the winter to Hawaii, but it's still a big difference. I plan on taking a hoodie. That's good enough for 50 degree weather.

They didn't cancel school today, but they hardly ever cancel college. All of the K-12 schools were closed. When my mother was outside shoveling snow this morning, there was a little girl walking down the street who thought there was still school. My mother wondered why didn't her mother check to see if school was canceled or not. I said, "She probably got up on her own, ate breakfast on her own, and then left the house on her own." [Negligent parents abound in this city. I'm surprised when I see a decent parent. When I'm at the bus station on my way home, there are so many twenty-somethings with kids that they barely pay attention to (other than to yell at them) that it's amazing.] When I attended Mott Middle College High School, we almost always had school because it's on a college campus. They shouldn't bother having UM-Flint open, though, since most of the instructors and students don't live in Flint. The general feeling of the school is that it's closed to actual Flint residents. It's sort of like they're not good enough. Most people in Flint attend the community college or the four-year career college. The K-12 programs they have at UM-Flint are usually aimed at the suburban kids. Especially the summer program for kids. It's so expensive that most Flint parents couldn't afford it. I'm talking about multiple hundreds of dollars. The classes they have at the Flint Institute of Art and the Institute of Music are also outrageously expensive. Unless the school a kid attends has after-school activities, they probably don't get to participate in anything. And, since the school district is dirt poor, that's doubtful. They maintain the sports programs at the high school level, apparently. They've probably cut out all of the arts and cultural activities. In the U.S., everyone knows that sports is far more important than the Arts.
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It's time to beg for money again

It's time for me to fill out numerous scholarship applications in order to prevent myself from becoming like majority of the people in my city (and :cough: in the country :cough:). You know, undereducated and stuck in a dead-end job. I would probably finish college anyway, but being in debt to the government for who knows how long isn't good, either. The problem I have with most of the applications is not the fact that I must fill them out. It's not even the essay that's usually required (because I can piece one together from various completed essays). And not all of them require official transcripts. It's often the letters of recommendation. I hate asking professors for letters. I feel like I'm harassing them. I also hate when an application requires three since I only have two computer science professors who know me well. I've had the third as a teacher only once.

I just crossed a scholarship program off my list today. I probably won't even be able to finish the application because of the high school transcript requirement. Right after I graduated from high school, they would give you a copy. When I asked for one a few months ago, the policy had become: "We will send it wherever it needs to go." The AWIS scholarship requires that the applicant submits a official transcript from their previous program. In my case, it's high school. It also must be in PDF format so this means that I would either have to scan it myself or have them generate it and e-mail it to me.

One of the requirements of the undergraduate scholarship was that you had to have at least one year remaining before graduation. Then it said you had to be a sophmore or junior. These two things are not mutually exclusive. I am a senior, but I have more than a year due to various reasons. I have so many credits it makes me look as if I'm almost finished. Some of these credits are useless transfers from the local career college (most only transferred as 3/4 of a generic class), others are because I had to take classes that I, apparently, should have taken in high school. Classes that are considered college level for other majors. I also have a double major and two minors. After contacting the administration about this, I was told that I could still apply. I would have to select "Junior" on the application and my recommenders should avoid mentioning my class status to prevent confusion.

The application doesn't require an essay, which means that everything is based upon your grades and two letters of recommendation. I don't have a 4.0 now and I didn't in high school. My college GPA is worse than it was prior to the end of Fall semester because of the lovely C I got in physics. I don't see how it should matter since I'm not majoring in physics and it's not even one of the physics classes I need for graduation (it's one of the "I should have taken it in high school" ones even though it's actually a requirement for biology majors), but it will. I plan to take it over next fall. My problem wasn't the physics concepts, it was the math. I suck at math. When I tell people that, they ask me, "Why are you majoring in computer science, then?" I like computers, duh. Excuse me for not being aware that you must be a math genius to major in anything remotely related to the subject. I pass math classes, but not without plenty of pain and suffering. But since life seems to be comprised of only pain and suffering, it's fitting.
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Why did I want to major in computer science again?

My computer decided to misbehave today. I booted it up, checked my e-mail with Thunderbird, loaded up Firefox, messed around with my PS3 for about six minutes, then turned back to the computer only to discover that it had restarted and Windows had failed to boot.


I canceled the startup repair because it was taking too long. I restarted it and chose Safe Mode. Again, it failed to boot. I let it try to repair Windows the second time around and, after 90 minutes, I forced a shut down and restarted with the Windows DVD. It took 20 minutes to find the Windows installation on my hard drive for some odd reason and failed to restore Windows back to an earlier time three times because of registry errors (took about half an hour each try). So, I had to do a full reinstall. That took another half hour. The cause of the failure? It just said "BlueScreen." You don't usually get a BSOD unless there has been a hardware failure or a driver failure. The first one is unlikely since I just bought the computer three weeks ago so I'm leaning towards a driver problem or a software problem. If this happens again, I'm saying "sayonara" to Windows 7 and "konnichiwa" to good old Windows XP. At least until 7 is more mature. To a CS major, not having access to a computer is a fate worse than death.

I have two very long papers due later this afternoon. Both are for computer science classes (software engineering and computer architecture). One of these papers had been formatted and was sitting on the hard drive of the very same PC that decided to screw with me. All my files are still on the thing, fortunately. I had to convert it from Word 2007 to 2003 in order to edit it on my mother's computer, which required me to reinstall MS Office. The one time I decide to save a file in .docx format it backfires on me. Even if I had been unable to recover it, all of the actual content is on Google docs. I can't believe I have to reinstall all my stuff *again*.

In addition to these two papers, I have a group project in software engineering that also has to be finished by today. We had to write a software project management plan. It just needs smoothing over now. We're not sure if we have to do a presentation because our professor contradicted his syllabus during Wednesday's lecture.

On top of all this, I still have physics to finish even though the last lecture was last Thursday. There are also two bonus assignments that I'm going to do that will consume even more of my time. I have two finals this week so I need to study for those. I don't plan on being able to get enough sleep until Thursday night. When the cats go to sleep, I envy them. Really, I do.